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Dr. Anne Etonga is such a gem! I was afraid to even go to a doctor for my recent back and wrist pain. She has taught me so much about the importance of my joints and how my body functions. Overall, I have increased my mobility since my visits and she has offered me stretches in addition to other recommendations that has me feeling ten times better. She is pleasant and explains what she is doing and WHY. I see her greet her patients every time and I am still amazed she remembers my name. I will continue to ride out tto see Dr. Anne!

 ~Beverly B.

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Dr Anne Etonga is a Chiropractic Wizzard!!!. I came in this month in lots of pain with a pinched nerve in my neck and lower back pain. I was in really bad shape. But Dr Anne explained to me the caused of my pain, made me comfortable and adjusted me giving me instant results. I am so glad I came in for my treatment and conversation with her. I recommend anyone who is having back or neck shoulder pain and discomfort to come see her for relief.

~ Shanard L.

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